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Defense Tools

You can be prepared when it comes to your safety. Let Lisa show you the line of personal self protection tools she offers. You will be given instructions on how the item works and the benefits of each device.

Find the appropriate defense tool for you and start taking back the feeling of safety.
The personal panic alarms are great for minors to carry in case of abductions.

Come to the store and browse our inventory of defense tools!

Be safe out there

Our defense tools are offered in top brands such as Streetwise, The Runt, and Canniks. Come in and talk to us today and we can show you the function of each item and what might work best for you. You want to feel confident in your look but you want to feel confident in your safety too.

Defense tools offered

  • Stun guns (all equipped with LED flashlight)
  • Pepper spray (with UV polymer that shows under blacklight)
  • Personal panic alarms
  • Kubation key chains
  • Black Cat keychain
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