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Your outfit is picked but maybe you think it needs something else. . . How about some of our gorgeous accessories! We have a range of them to choose from and surely something to complement not only your outfit but your own unique style.
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We search for quality, one of a kind accessories for your closet! We have recently brought in Lola Ramona Shoes for you! Lola Ramona builds shoes for the working women. Every shoes is made with leather and 100% recycled rubber. These shoes are made from one unit, meaning that you don't have to worry about breaking a heal or leaving a skid mark! Imported directly from Amsterdam, Working Women's Apparel is one of the few shops in the United States to carry Lola Ramona!

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Accessories are a must

Accessories can be a great way to transform an outfit for the office to an outfit for a night out. Add a scarf here, change out your belt. The possibilities are endless. Enhance your fabulous with accessories from Working Women's Apparel, LLC.

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Women's Self-Defense Tools

You may have encountered that walk to your car that seems miles away in the dark parking lot, or a walk home that just has you on the edge. Why not have a little extra reassurance? Working Women's Apparel, LLC offers women's defense tools complete with stun guns, pepper spray, and more.